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Class Rooms:

The ambience at our campus inspires learning, and the facilities are truly sophisticated and world class. The classrooms are spacious, Air Conditioned and equipped with teaching tools like interactive. Digital boards & projectors that brings a new dimension to both teaching and learning process.

Computer Lab:

An outstanding feature of the school is the Computer Lab. The students are trained with the latest digital technology through Computers, CD ROMs and multimedia facilities made available in the COMPUTER LAB. Our students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them. The lab is equipped with multimedia Pc’s all networked to common file servers and connected to the outside would via the internet.

Science Lab:

Lab activities and experiments engage student’s mind which help them to acquire necessary skill and confidence. The lab is equipped with the latest equipments catering to the +2 syllabus where students carry out their experiments in an innovative environment. Meaningful learning will occur where laboratory activities are a well-integrated part of a learning sequence.


SPHS recognizes that reading is one of the most enriching habits and believes that reading not only acts as a hobby or entertainment, but also as an educational activity that opens up the doors for accumulation of a vast reservoir of knowledge. In line with our commitment to inculcate reading habit among students, the school offers a well-equipped library with a collection of the best and most up-to-date materials and books available and a variety of audiovisual aids to make learning process interactive and interesting.

Play Area:

Playing outside is a vital part of a child’s life in developing physical strength, coordination and balance. The students learn social skills, sense of self and connection to the environment. Our school caters to the above need of the students. We have a huge play area well carpeted with grass and furnished with play equipments.

Swimming Pool:

Swimming is one of the best physical activity which helps build endurance muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and provide an overall workout. St. Peter’s has a mini Olympic size swimming pool which is newly built and aesthetically designed. Our students have done extremely well in the area of swimming and have brought many laurels to the school.

Music Room:
Our music classes offer students an immersive education in foundational musical theories, crucial for understanding and appreciating diverse genres. Guided by our highly qualified music teacher, students are inspired to explore and develop their artistic talents. Join us to unlock your potential and embark on a rich, creative musical journey.
Our School auditorium is a large, multi-purpose venue designed for public events such as Workshops, performances, and meetings. It typically features tiered seating, a stage, and advanced acoustics to ensure clear sound and visibility for all attendees. This space is used for hosting gatherings that require a formal setting and can accommodate a large audience.
Innovation Room:
An innovation room is a dedicated space designed to foster creativity and collaboration, equipped with tools and technology to brainstorm and develop new ideas. It encourages out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving, often featuring flexible layouts and resources to support various projects. This environment aims to inspire innovation and drive progress within an organization.
Art & Craft Room:
Art and craft involve creating decorative or functional items by hand, such as paintings, sculptures, and knitted goods. These activities allow for personal expression and skill development.
Maths Lab:
A math lab is a specialized learning space equipped with tools and resources to explore mathematical concepts through hands-on activities and experiments. It provides a dynamic environment for students to engage with math interactively, fostering deeper understanding and practical application. This facility supports both individual and group learning, enhancing the overall math education experience.
Robotics Lab:
St. Peter’s High School’s robotics lab is a dedicated space where our students engage in hands-on learning by designing, building, and programming robots. These labs provide an interactive environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.