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Instructions to Parents:

While the management tries to look after the child with care and concern it should be realized that no one can replace the love and affection of the natural parents which is essential for the emotional and psychological growth of the child. Hence, parents are expected to visit their wards periodically and spend some quality time with them, whenever there are no home visits.

Visiting hours:

  • The visiting hours are from 2p.m to 6p.m on all Sundays
  • Parents will not be allowed to meet their wards or take them out during the study hours.
  • Parents are not allowed to take their children out of the campus on Sundays or any other holidays other than the Home Visit Holidays.
  • Visitors other than the parents should carry a letter of authority/ permission from the parents to meet the students.
  • Parents or the visitors are requested to see the Vice Principal / Warden for the permission before meeting the child in school premise or in the hostel.
  • Parents / visitors are prohibited to enter into the dormitories, box rooms etc. They may meet their
    wards in the Lobby itself.


  • The student boarders are allowed to go home on every home visit holidays as mentioned in the Student Handbook and in the Hostel Brochure.
  • Parents are instructed to follow the Holiday Schedule strictly. Under no circumstances students are allowed to go out before the dates of home visits as specified in the school calendar.
  • Any other leave may be granted by the Vice Principal / Principal / Director only when the reasons so quoted for the leave are genuine.
  • No student will be sent home alone. They will be sent home with the escort only if an attested letter or the escort card from the parents is produced.
  • The students must be dropped back in the school the previous evening or before 8AM on the day of reopening. Late arrivals will attract disciplinary action.
  • Under no circumstances Parents / Visitors will be permitted into the campus after 9PM. Parents are expected to cooperate with the Residential School Authorities in enforcing proper discipline among the students.
  • Inquiries regarding their wards must be made only with the Warden. Please refrain from contacting any other Hostel staff member.
  • Expensive parties to celebrate birthdays are not allowed. The school may arrange for a cake, sweets and snacks for his/her co-inmate(s) within a reasonable amount. The Warden will undertake the arrangements for this. However, the cost of the celebration will be billed to the parents account.
  • The student should not carry any kind of tuck from home. [Eatables, pickles, chutneys and
    digestive tablets are not permitted]