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“Peterites ,the young warriors to combat Covid-19”.

As 21st Century educators St.Peters believes and instills the habbit of adaptability and empowerment among the students. The school conducted a young warrior programme which is partnered by CBSE,Yuwaah and UNICEF .It was a nationwide movement to engage 5 million youth to lead action against COVID-19 and its impact on 50 million people. The programme was conducted by the teachers who were trained by CBSE .This programme was scheduled weekly once for a period of five weeks, for grades 5 to 10 .This movement included sessions where children gave their messages through Art .The objectives of the programme helped students learn steps to combat virus, understand and navigate emotions through the pandemic, to promote right to information, to take care of their immediate surroundings and family members and to promote good health among the community.

By Carmel Sharon

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