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” SUCCESS IS NO ACCIDENT, it is hard work, perseverance, earning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing.” – said by Pele.

With Pele’s inspirational quotes in our minds, we the students of class IX started our journey of ISA project on “Cyber Safety with the slogan – Stop, Think and Connect globally, which includes cyber bullying and cyber abuse. It was indeed a wonderful journey and exploring on cyber safety continues as students of class 9 from the department of Computer science.

With the increased use of technology, many of us are becoming targets of cyber bullying and cyber abuse, which is a major issue locally and globally. We wanted to get aware of these issues with help of our teachers and parents.

Parents and teachers are the one who guide us and protect us, hence we started this project to spread the awareness on these global issues.

The Mega Event (Safety Internet Day) was observed on 2nd Tuesday of February month, today we are here to present a Skit on Cyber Safety.

No one is immune to cyber bullying, including celebrities, athletes, politicians, and maybe even you.
Cyber bullying is the use of technology to undertake deliberate, repeated behavior with the intent to cause harm. This can be done by an individual or group you may or may not know. Cyber bullying may involve ‘trolling’, abusive language, intimidation, threats and humiliation. It is challenging to prevent as most people have 24/7 direct access to mobile phones and the internet. It can occur outside of school and after hours. To bring the awareness among all of us we conducted following events in our school.

  1. A workshop was conducted on cyber safety and cyber bullying by Cyber safety department of Telangana
  2. We have done research on this global issue and presented a power point presentation on this global issue.
  3. We made collage on cyber bullying and cyber abuse.
  4. The ” Common guide lines on cyber safety were prepared in the form of posters and displayed on school wall boards and class wall boards.

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