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Rivers are the origin of our Civilization.Rivers are lifeline for all life forms.Rivers are the origin of our civilization.Thry are the veins of the Earth through which life flows.India’s Rivers are depleting and we are responsible for it. since man’s life depends so much upon Rivers, it is his bounden duty to keep them in perfect health and pollution free.

A public awareness rallyfor ” saving Rivers” was organized on 12 the February2020, Wednesday by the students of St . Peter’s International Residential School.Twenty one students of Grade VIII B took part in the rally to promote awareness on the need for conservation of Rivers in India.

The rally was held in the nearby locality, it started from the school which was adjacent to St.Peters Engineering College, Maismmaguda. At the rally , the students walked along with slogans while chanting them with great vigour and enthusiasm. The slogans were of three different languages comprising Hindi, Telugu and English.

The students spread awareness on “SAVE WATER – SAVE LIFE” and restrict or deprivelitter in any water bodies. The respective teachers also took part in the rally .It was a successful event. A survey was conducted with the feedback taken in the end.

SAVE RIVERS, since man’s life depends much upon Rivers, it is his bounden duty to keep them in perfect health and pollution free.

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  1. Sr. Alisha Rose says:

    I am glad that the class Vl Students of our school participated in this project. It was very informative and the students realized the need to protect the river which is the only drinking water source of the country. They also realized the major polluting sources.
    I congratulate the staff and students of St. Peters school for this initiative…
    Sr. Alisha Rose

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